Our heated outdoor pool, game room, candy bar bingo, hayrides, super soaker hayrides and other scheduled activities are from May 22 to Sept. 3.

We have hayrides every weekend during the summer. Back by popular demand......2019 Super Soaker Hayrides (5/25, 6/15, 7/6, 8/31).

During the summer season, Saturdays are filled with craft times, make your own pizza, make your own tie dye t-shirts, candy bar bingo and hayrides. Holiday weekend event times and activities will vary.

Let's start our camping season with two great parties on Memorial Day weekend. Join us Saturday for our Lularoe party. You will be amazed be the beautiful variety of leggings, Carlys, Sarahs and so much more. Bring your husband too. There are some great shirts that he will love.

Then save some time on Sunday for our Pampered Chef party. Come see all the great culinary items and a tasty treat too. A little adult time -- don't miss out on these demonstrations.

During the July 4th weekend, come check out the fun and exciting bags and totes at our Thirty-One Party. Carol is a fellow camper, and she is always has some great ideas for the weekend and full time camper.

Last but not least, on Labor Day weekend we'll have a beaultiful line of jewelry from Premier Design. These items are so versatile so you can use one item with casual wear and just one another piece and you are already for a night on the town.
KOA Mining Company
This is a fun activity. You won't believe all the great gems, shark teeth and arrowheads you can pan. A great family activity.